The Ibidunni Ighodalo Foundation

The Ibidunni Ighodalo Foundation (IIF) is a non-profit organization created to raise awareness on issues pertaining to infertility and to provide grants for couples that require fertility treatments such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Intrauterine Insemination.

We partner with highly reputable fertility clinics in Nigeria and with other donors to provide couples with the financial and material support they require during the treatments. We also provide the necessary psychological and spiritual support they require to deal with the pressures they face along their journey to conception.

Our Mission

To raise awareness about infertility and the challenges associated with it. To stop the stigmatization of couples dealing with infertility and to provide the spiritual, financial and psychological support they require.

Our Vision

To have every couple enjoy the gift of parenthood regardless of their financial or social status but the main focus is for those who cannot afford such treatment. 

The Ibidunni Ighodalo Story

IBIDUN was the founder/CEO of Elizabeth R Events. She formed the organization in 2003 to specifically service private and corporate events. Elizabeth R’s success was predicated primarily on referrals borne out of positive and satisfactory experiences by clients. Ibidunni’s boundless enthusiasm, energy, creativity and imagination backed by years of events planning experience, assured clients of a unique, memorable and successful events always.

She held a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. After her graduation she worked at Athysolyn Oil and Gas, then moved on to Manifold Engineering Limited before establishing ELIZABETH R. The beauty queen was crowned in 1999 as the first Miss Lux. She was also awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year, City People Awards, 2007.

In 2016, Ibidunni founded the IBIDUNNI IGHODALO FOUNDATION. This foundation was borne out of her own personal struggles. A a newly married couple in 2007, Ibidunni and her husband, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo looked forward to starting their family and holding their children in their arms.

However, they watched the years roll by without a child. After several doctors’ appointments, they were told that they wouldn’t have children unless they sought treatment through assisted reproduction. This was the doctor’s report they received, but Ibidunni and Pastor Ituah chose to believe God’s own report. Unshaken in their faith, the couple firmly believed that they will carry their own children. This period of delay also came with pressure and a lot of insensitivity from people. Ibidunni had to deal with the emotions, pain and the roller-coaster hormonal imbalance that came with all sorts of these treatments. Thankfully, Pastor Ituah was an amazing support system for her and was always there for her through all the procedures; unflinching by her side.
Along her fertility journey however, Ibidunni met women who only needed one round of a treatment to make their dreams come through (she had gone through nine). The only thing holding them back was either the lack of finance or the psychological support needed to get through it. It was at that point she decided to stop thinking about herself and start trusting God to help these couples fulfill their dreams of having their children.
On the morning of her birthday in 2016, Ibidunni thought about not having had children long and hard while praying. There and then, she made a covenant with God and told Him that she would leave it completely in His hands. In the interim, as she and her husband waited for their miracle, she would help couples going through the same challenges by providing spiritual, financial and psychological support. She was ready to do her part to get rid of the stigma attached to childlessness. She wanted people to instead see couples-in-waiting as blessed mothers and fathers of nations! Upon thinking about the weight of this dream, she started out feeling a little reluctant especially when she thought about the privacy she might lose. However, when she thought about the unending joy it would bring to people’s lives, it seemed to her that it would be worth the sacrifice.
She made up her mind to stop worrying over childbearing and just trust God while helping other couples through their own fertility journey. As she prayed and mulled over the idea, she felt a sense of peace and that was how the IBIDUNNI IGHODALO FOUNDATION was born!
As part of IIF’s plans to raise awareness on issues pertaining to fertility and bring hope and joy to many homes, the organisation partnered with a number of fertility clinics with high success rates that were willing to help with discounted costs for treatment. IIF also raised financial partners that helped subsidize other medical bills while raising awareness about fertility issues alongside.